Best Gifts For Green Thumbs

Every time a birthday comes around, there is a lot of scrambling around for the best gifts that suit them. Often we get away by offering them a gift card: no fuss no muss right? But what if you really wanted to please them and didn’t have a clue? Those with a specific interest and passion are easy enough to shop for. So what would you get someone with green thumbs? Here is a breakdown of all the ways you can go.

The Obvious

They like rooting about in dirt? Then get them something that goes with their passion, like garden urns Melbourne. They are an obvious choice but at least it’s a choice they will like. You can also spring for some tools, catalogues, subscription to a magazine or anything else related to growing things and they will be thankful and pleased. The problem with this kind of gift is a) the gifts are so obvious that it may come across as lazy or convenient b) someone else may have come up with the same or a similar thing. In order to avoid such an inconvenient situation, you need to be a bit more thoughtful than that.

The Thoughtful

This is just a step beyond being obvious. It means listening to and finding out what they want, either from close friends and family or by listening to what they ask for. For instance, if you know they have a new batch of seedlings that need to be re-potted, then the best gift would be garden pots not a magazine. Or if you are getting a magazine subscription, get one that he/she already likes. If you are going for tools and equipment, find a replacement for one that is broken. Of course, if you want to truly impress them, you will need to find something special for their big day. Visit this link if you are looking for cheap garden pots Melbourne,

The Special

Getting something special for a person with green thumbs involves listening to them keenly and reading subtext. If they wish for some deco, don’t simply go out and buy what you like. Evaluate their plot of land; think about the time they have to maintain it; and then present them with a few options that is already paid for. The combination of choice and gifting will be very cool. Or take them to an organic restaurant where everything is fresh and healthy – the ultimate culmination of their efforts, even if the veggies didn’t necessarily come out of their own plot. Think about the three ways you can go for a gift involving someone who loves to grow things. Make sure you know where you stand and then watch their smile unfold.