Common Electric Hazards At Home

Electric hazards have serious consequences. It is important to identify what these hazards in order to correct them and avoid those consequences. Here are a few of the common electric hazards at home that you should be aware of.

Defective wiring.

All electric appliances are connected to main supply of electricity by wires which can get worn out, corroded or cracked over time. As a result, they become defective and worse, increase the likelihood of serious consequences such as fires, power surges and electrocution. When you note a defective wiring like loose connections, wires that have been chewed by rodents, overheated wiring or wiring that sparks, wire insulation that has been cracked by age or bending and electric appliances that have been damaged, without attempting to make them right by yourself which itself is an electric hazard, contact electrical contractors in Sydney to repair and service your wiring. This way, you can ensure the safety of all members of your household.

Usage of incorrect wattage light bulbs.

Each light lamp has a specific wattage of light bulb to be used. If a light bulb that has a higher wattage than what is recommended is used, it leads to overheating thus increasing the risk of a fire. People use light bulbs with higher wattages because they require to make the room brighter. If this is required, it is best to contact your electricians, and replace the light lamp to a stronger one. Light bulbs can be attempted to be replaced by yourself. But make sure that the main switch is switched off, and your hands are dry before you change it. Do not keep clothes, paper and drapes, which are flammable material in close proximity to the light bulbs that are switched on.

Small children and electricity.

Infants and toddlers must be protected against electrical wiring and appliances. Especially when they are crawling, they tend to be inquisitive about any object that is within their reach. Usually power outlets and wirings can be reached for in this way. Electrical outlets must be covered using a plastic covering or child safety wall plates must be installed to protect them against these. Do not allow them to handle any sharp objects where they will insert into plug points. Also if there are long extension cords, there is a risk of choking when toddlers play with them. So keep them tied up and away from their reach. The consequences of electric hazards are many and dangerous. It is best to be aware of them to protect you and your loved ones at home.