Maintaining The Building Regulations When Making House Extensions

Whenever you are going for house extensions it is important to consider certain things called as safety guidelines. These are most important to follow prior to making any new renovation of a house as such. Following the result of which there can be incidents or accidents, and they can be prevented only through following them, precisely. Today prior to making an extension or a new installation in a building permit is taken so that safety norms are not violated. It includes simple things like the height of the ceiling, cooling and ventilation, insulation against heat and so on.Therefore, keeping note of such norms is a requirement in homebuilding regulations.

This also applies to loft conversions anywhere in the world. Additions up to 50 cubic meters of the roof space falls under Permitted Development, but you still would need planning permission depends on whether you live in listed buildings or conservative areas and so on. Therefore, taking notice of such norms is a duty for any house building and planning company that operates in those areas.You must also inquire them regarding any of these violations before even hiring them to complete a project. The particulars are a must for safety.

What are some basic safety guidelines?

There are two very basic guidelines called Part L and Part K guides. While the Part L pertains to the overall insulation of the roof space, this pertains to minimizing the amount of heating or prevention of heat loss depending on the latitude of the location. Also, there is a need for continuity of the insulation between the wall and the roof to avoid any kind of cold bridging. This is a sure thing for cold countries. Similarly, living in wet climate areas, you need to have proper waterproofing too. Part K is a safety guideline regarding the height of the ceiling. This ensures safety while walking, escape during any mishappening and so on. It also relates to regulations to avoid any collision, falling or impact due to certain limiting factors and ensures 2 m headroom in all directions including the attic ladders in Perth.

Therefore, such things if not kept in mind can be really dangerous in the future. Because we cannot predict any accidents from happening, it is always better to take precautions and follow the guidelines.The hired company must be asked regarding their knowledge and expertise in following the standard norms and regulations. Before you ask a free quote, also ask for consultation on the project you have in mind. This should always be the first step.