The Ultimate Vintage Trends You Should Be Following

Today, bringing back the old styles seems to be growing as a trend more and more. And so, it is no wonder that almost all fields of today, are seeing this trend in different ways. The fashion industry seems to be bringing back the ripped jeans and bell trousers, and so it is no wonder that even the interior designers of today seem to enjoy mix and matching the old and modern look. Here are some tricks you could try for yourself, to bring back that vintage style to your home.

The chest

Back in the days, this fitting was common sight in many living rooms. They were designed and carved from real wood. These carvings and the designs of each managed to easily depict the true craftsmanship behind it. While today you can easily purchase many fittings from different stores, getting a truly crafted chest with drawers and vintage handles seems a hard task, unless if you were to specifically visit an antique store. And that is why unlike how you buy dining chairs online, some genuine chests aren’t really available for sale, especially those that meet their true worth and value.

The fancy carved wardrobe

Today finding a decent wardrobe that belongs amongst many other retro industrial furniture is rather difficult. The reason for this is because with the latest styles and trends, now instead of such wardrobes, small spaced closets are becoming more and more popular. Unlike the closets these have sufficient space to layout your clothes without having to dump or ruin them. What’s even better is that most of these wardrobes come with built in mirrors with carving around it. and that simply adds even more to that vintage style.

The foldable murphy bed

This is another famous fitting that was used back in the 1900. This is basically a foldable bed that is attached to the wall. And it is much convenient than any other especially because of the flexibility this fitting offers. So if you are living in a small apartment or you want to own a bed right in an office space, then this is one perfect fitting for you!

The brass bars

Brass was used as a base to coat the poles on beds. This adds to that vintage and rustic look that was very common in most suburban homes. So, if you are planning on designing your room to a rustic theme, then you know that you definitely got to own one of these! Add in some of these to your home as well and bring back the good ole days of black and white!