Tips On Giving Your Dorm Room A Homey Feel

How you decorate your living room plays a major role in the entire room’s elegant feel as well. Certain indoor plants can add a certain level of elegance to your living room. How you display your photos, and what you display it on can make a big difference as well. Apart from this, it is also a good idea to pay attention to the lighting of your room. Though pendant lights and chandeliers are naturally more elegant looking, you should not restrict your self to it. remember, your creativity is your greatest asset…!

If growing up is a part of life, then moving out of your home after you have grown up is also definitely part of life. And this moving out can happen when you leave for college, or even when you finally got that dream job. But it is inevitable. 

If you have just moved out of home, and are currently living in a dorm room, chances are that you might be feeling a little lousy and missing home. Making your dorm room a little homier can help you here. Here’s how to do so…

Break the uniformity

One of the most annoying parts about living in dorm rooms is that you have to share it with someone else. This might not be a problem for you if you are used to sharing a room; or if you happen to get lucky, and share a room with a friend, or at least, someone tolerable. Another annoying part about dorms is how uniform they are; almost militarily so. Breaking this uniformity will help it look less stiff and cold; eventually looking and feeling more like home. 

Decorate with your identity in mind

when decorating your dorm room, try to remember your personality rather than decorating according to how others advice you. Your interests and hobbies plays a large part in decorating successfully. Remember that your aim is to make this new place appear and feel like home; something you might not achieve surrounded by unfamiliar things. And this makes a difference from what floor rugs Australia  you choose for the floor, to what you decide to put up on your walls.

Bring a few things from home

Admittedly, one of the most interesting parts about decorating a dorm room for the very first time, is buying all new stuff. You might buy yourself designer rugs online, or funky throw pillow covers. You may get brand new posters for the walls, or funny book ends for the desk. But if you want your dorm to feel like home, it is important that you also have a few old things around. Buy new pillows, but bring your blanket from home. Buy new books, but use that old desk to work from. This will make your dorm room feel more homey for sure…

Start thinking of it as your home