When To Consider Calling A Professional To Remove Your Trees?

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Having trees within the premises of your house can truly have many advantages. Trees add an aesthetic value to your property, making it look appealing and pleasing to the eyes. Plus they provide shade and can even act as a barrier thus protecting your property. For the value that trees add to your property, do not depend that much of your time or effort as far its care and maintenance is concerned. However, this does not mean that you ignore caring for them completely since they do not demand much. Trees like every other living being need a little bit of care and looking after in terms of providing them with a good and healthy environment to grow in. This includes providing for proper nutrition and caring for them periodically by pruning the stems and branches.

Over the years, however, your trees can shows signs of damage and death. The reasons for these could be –

  • Damage due to storms
  • Damage due to natural aging process
  • Damage due to droughts
  • Damage due to lightning
  • Damage due to natural calamities and extreme weather conditions
  • Damage due to insect infection
  • Damage due to rotting and death of the tree

At such times it is best to consider tree removal Adelaide or else the tree could pose to be a threat and raise concerns regarding safety of everything and everyone in the surroundings. The decision to remove a tree or the likely steps to save and protect it by taking appropriate measures is best taken by an expert, considered a ‘tree doctor’.

An arborist Sunshine Coast is a professional who has studied the science of tree planting and its care. The person is equipped with knowledge as well as equipment and tools to take the necessary steps in case of damage to the trees. The signs that experts look for to decide whether a tree needs to be removed or not include –

  • Appearance of leaves later than the usual time
  • Falling of leaves earlier than the normal time
  • Appearance of leaves with odd nodules or without veins or even discolored leaves
  • Appearance of splits, cracks or bumps on the bark and even peeling of the barks
  • Appearance of branches that are dead near the tree top
  • Appearance of mushrooms that are growing from the twigs or around the roots of the tree trunk
  • Appearance of fungus growth on and around the tree trunk

The tree doctors will survey these signs and then check the soil and other growth conditions to take the right course of action, which could be either to save the tree by providing the correct care or then to remove it. If the tree needs to be removed, the experts have a trained crew to carry out the task in a safe and secure manner without causing destruction to any of the surroundings.